Leaf Spring info

The CLS is lighter than steel, retains its original arch, (absolutely no "sagging") and gives more side bite on the track. This makes it the number one choice for serious modified racers. Take it from Rex Merritt, "The Hyperco CLS is truly a cost effective, high performance product. It allows teams running leaf springs to be consistent night after night without having to constantly measure, monitor and change their springs for loss of arch and set. The initial cost is a value based on the incredible service life."

Late Model Modified Champion Scott Bloomquist says, "the Hyperco CLS will be well suited to many tracks we will run. The CLS will definitely be a part of our program for next year." Leave the steel on the street, hook up with the Hyperco CLS and be "a part of winning."

Available in all popular Chrysler and GM rates for Late Model, Street Stock, Modified & Drag Racing applications.

Composite Leaf Spring Installation

Composite Leaf Spring Dimensions

Also available... Corvette C-3, C-4, C-5 and C-6 Composite Leaf Springs for both Street and Track applications.